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Strategic HR Plan Design Software For Businesses

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Learning how to take a Strategic HR approach in business, and then "teaching" that theory to "clients" (C-suite members, dept. heads, prospective consulting clients) is challenging.  You need buy-in from your "clients" to be successful.

The resources below will help you 'teach', 'diagnose', 'design', and 'deliver' your HR solution.  Many are visual, because visual + verbal teaching can be up to 6 times more effective than verbal-only.

Check back frequently, as things will be updated and/or added.

Strategic HR Management Solutions software training webpage

32 "HR value communication theory" and "software functionality" training modules

HR Metrics Pyramid webpage

96 HR Metrics aligned with where they will have the most credibility in the HR Value Pyramid

ToolsForHR webpages                       (Branded, customized private version available for HR Consultants - details)

Monetize the potential P&L impact your HR deliverables will have with 7 financial models - Employee Productivity, Turnover, Business Protection, HR Time and Time Value, Long Term HR Costs Containment, and an ROI Summary calculator/illustration

HR Business Wheel (PDF)

Start with "Why?" in the middle and work outwards from the P&L, to Employees, to Departmental functions, to HR Strategies (to drive things inside that circle), to HR Tactics (the Employee Lifecycle), and eventually to the granular HR tasks, products, and services

12 Steps To A Strategic HR Plan (PDF)

Teach, Diagnose, Design, and Deliver (and all the steps and tools necessary to do that well)


HR ROI Worksheet - Short Term “Snapshot” (Excel)   ??

XX Year HR ROI Model (Excel)   ??

“Placemat” HR Value Sales Sheets  (editable in Word)

HR Teeter-Totter

3 Types of HR vs Value Graphic (list format) (PDF)

HR Task vs Value (bar graph format) (PDF)

P&L and HR’s Impact Worksheet ???

Evolution of Employment in SMBs ???

HR Value Assessment Web Tool - $150 setup and customization, + $15/mo

HR Value Pyramid Interactive Web Page ???  -  $___/mo

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