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Strategic HR Plan Design Software For Businesses

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1,028 Benefits Brokers were recently (Oct 2014) asked by Benefitter ( how the Affordable Care Act has affected them.  Eighty percent had negative or critical feedback about ACA.

Employer Groups of all sizes and industries are effected.  Broker business models are changing.  The playing field has been leveled. The marketplace is open for those who are knowledgeable, aggressive, and bring new value-add to customers.

Become your Client's trusted advisor in a valuable, expanded manner…

Do you remember the ‘WHY?’ associated with Employee Benefits?  ACA mandate aside, employers offer them to Attract the Best Talent, and to minimize profit-killing Turnover.

But do you inform your clients that there are 81 total HR “things” (out of 197) they can do to optimize Talent Attraction?

Do you inform them that there are 99 HR “things” they can do to minimize costly Turnover?

Giving your clients access to your branded $trategic HR Management $olutions software will help them develop additional Strategic and Tactical HR initiatives designed to DRIVE their Profits! Benefits are an important product, but coming in as a Business Strategist will make you invaluable.

Several of your options could include:

Increase your value-added expertise to your clients.  Subscribe today!

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The SHRMS totally interactive HR Value Pyramid screen.  Click anywhere to see the upwards “WHY value” or the downwards “HOW to do it”.


Health Insurance (WHAT)

Just 1 thing out of MANY things that can impact either of the Strategic "WHYs".