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Strategic HR Plan Design Software For Businesses

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For HR Consultants, the #1 purpose of the $trategic HR Management $olutions software

is to help you Increase Revenue!   Period.   How?

“Selling” HR’s value is tough enough when you’re already inside a business.  (That’s why many HR folks don’t “have a seat” in the C-suite.)  But if you’re an HR Consultant, it’s even harder because you’ve got to go find new prospects and then sell to strangers you don’t know well.  That’s why most consultants don’t particularly care for (and some hate) the Business Development side of their practice.  But “sales” is just “value communication” and aligning your value with the needs and/or desires of your target market.  This tool gives you...

It’s $250 to set it up customized and branded for your firm, then the $40/month subscription is meant to be easy on your cash flow.  And it comes with a 30 day, 100% refund satisfaction guarantee.

ROI should be a no-brainer.  Close one extra sale a year and it’s paid for.  If you’re still skeptical, click here.


What Other HR Consultants using the SHRMS are saying...

What Other HR Consultants Using the SHRMS Are Saying...

“The very first time I used the SHRMS was with a 40 employee prospective client that was expanding to 100 employees.  I told the CEO it would cost $275 for the assessment (which I thought was cheap).  I ended up with a monthly retainer engagement with the company to help them grow (and as a courtesy I waived the assessment fee).  What you and this tool do for the HR profession is wonderful!”

Nicole Martin MS, SPHR  President,  HRBoost LLC

“The SHRMS is cutting edge because it's a technology based HR solution tool that works through a logical business-assessment process flow, and then generates custom reports that shows how everything relates back to the P&L. That's all CEOs want to talk about.”

Alfonso Bowens, MBA  Vice President    New Legacy Business Solutions, Inc.

“Just so you know, everyone that I have had the opportunity to go through the Employee Life Cycle checklist and the resultant report card is simply amazed.  Thanks for the great tool – it is really helping us drive home the strategic function of HR and the benefits to the bottom line.  And of course, getting the client to contract for our services!”

Cynthia Adams, CEBS, MSHRM, SPHR  President  HRBenefit Pros, LLC

“When I put a copy of the HR Value Pyramid in front of each member of the management team of my 80 employee prospective client, the CFO said “NOW, I finally understand HR’s value!”

Tim Schaffer, President, HRi

“Rob gets the business value of HR.  What’s more, he’s done the hard work of simplifying the key messages and developing the process and tools to communicate the value proposition to executive stakeholders of HR.  We use Rob’s Strategic HR Management Solutions software and other tools in our client acquisition process to help business owners see the opportunity in effective HR.  It works.  The simplicity and clarity of the thought process opens eyes and catches attention of business leaders.”

Mike Komola, SPHR        President & Principal         HRnovations, Inc.