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Strategic HR Plan Design Software For Businesses

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What Other HR Consultants Using the SHRMS Are Saying...

“The very first time I used the SHRMS was with a 40 employee prospective client that was expanding to 100 employees.  I told the CEO it would cost $275 for the assessment (which I thought was cheap).  I ended up with a monthly retainer engagement with the company to help them grow (and as a courtesy I waived the assessment fee).  What you and this tool do for the HR profession is wonderful!”

Nicole Martin MS, SPHR  President,  HRBoost LLC

“The SHRMS is cutting edge because it's a technology based HR solution tool that works through a logical business-assessment process flow, and then generates custom reports that shows how everything relates back to the P&L. That's all CEOs want to talk about.”

Alfonso Bowens, MBA  Vice President    New Legacy Business Solutions, Inc.

“Just so you know, everyone that I have had the opportunity to go through the Employee Life Cycle checklist and the resultant report card is simply amazed.  Thanks for the great tool – it is really helping us drive home the strategic function of HR and the benefits to the bottom line.  And of course, getting the client to contract for our services!”

Cynthia Adams, CEBS, MSHRM, SPHR  President  HRBenefit Pros, LLC

“When I put a copy of the HR Value Pyramid in front of each member of the management team of my 80 employee prospective client, the CFO said “NOW, I finally understand HR’s value!”

Tim Schaffer, SPHR, President, HRi

“Rob gets the business value of HR.  What’s more, he’s done the hard work of simplifying the key messages and developing the process and tools to communicate the value proposition to executive stakeholders of HR.  We use Rob’s Strategic HR Management Solutions software and other tools in our client acquisition process to help business owners see the opportunity in effective HR.  It works.  The simplicity and clarity of the thought process opens eyes and catches attention of business leaders.”

Mike Komola, SPHR        President & Principal         HRnovations, Inc.


What CEOs Are Saying...

Here's what some VISTAGE (one of the nation's largest CEO peer group organizations) CEOs had to say about the SHRMS approach:

“This presentation made me realize just how important HR is.  And I need to get a person in place that has the expertise to do this, because the current person doing HR is just clerical.”     CEO/President  125 employee landscape firm (architects, retail, and field)

“Wow!  I never looked at HR this way.  I will definitely do some things differently.  I just need to think this through a bit to decide which things to do.  No one on my management team fully understands both sides of the P&L.  It's up to me to guide them and/or make the decisions that involve both sides.  This presentation shows both.”     CEO/President  25 employee wholesaler of commercial fire alarm supplies

“I definitely want to assess my company and see my HR Report Card / Dashboard.  Finding an HR person or consultant who is adept at both sides of this [HR] seems like it might be hard.  Most of them are just so negative.”     CEO/President  40 employee electrical contractor

“As a private, for-profit company, I can definitely see how this approach/program offers another way to help increase profits.  It's an area that's probably not commonly looked at.”     President  198 employee machine manufacturer

“This top-down look at HR makes you REALLY see that it [HR] impacts every single part of my business.  I've never seen that until now.” CEO/President  16 employee tradeshow show exhibit company

“I'm going to document what we do now and look at my HR Report Card, and that will help me prioritize what to do next.  We have no HR function now.  It's just me.   So I'll have to start small, but it's obvious now that doing anything will help my company improve.”

CEO/President  10 employee wholesale hardware distributor

“I had to put a real HR function in place at a higher expertise level in order to qualify for the equity capital I was trying to get.   But I hate talking to [my HR consultant].  She is such a downer.  Don't get me wrong.  She's nice and I like her.  But her HR message is always so negative.  This approach is not!”

 CEO/President  16 employee commercial banking products company

What Other HR Consultants using the SHRMS are saying...

What real, live CEOs say about this approach...

It’s rare that something TRULY new gets introduced to an “established” profession like HR...

But so far, everyone who has seen or subscribed to this SHRMS software has said they’ve never seen anything like it, and it “nails” Strategic HR.

It’s our goal to help 1,000 new businesses or consultants out by year end, through them using the SHRMS.

So just let us know what it would take to make you one of them.