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(Another way to look at it:)  3 “Types” of HR...  and the potential business-impact from each

  1. "Keep me in compliance and out of jail HR"
  2. "Keepin’ up with the Jones’ HR", and
  3. "Keep me ahead of the competition HR"  (where most SMBs are doing the least)

The HR Value Pyramid

Start with “WHY” at the top - the business’s P&L; know WHICH granular “things” will accomplish all chosen strategies; and with upper management, stay out of the weeds!

Just what is “Strategic HR”? A picture’s worth 1,000 words...     These 3 diagrams will help illustrate the answer.

The HR Business Wheel

Same pieces as the HR Value Pyramid above, plus typical “business operations / departments” are layered into the diagram to show the “HR Business Partner” role.

These “departments” might be large, or in small businesses, they might be just a part of a single employee’s job.  Either way, the business principles still apply.

hrbizwheel.png task_vs_value.png

Need an “Architect” for your business’s Strategic HR Plan ?  Details...