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Strategic HR Plan Design Software For Businesses

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Is Your HR Consulting Practice Looking For More Business?

It’s anticipated that the marketing of the $trategic HR Management $olutions approach and software across the country will generate interest from businesses that do not have all the internal resources they need to implement the Strategic Plan this tool helps them design.

If your HR consulting practice truly embraces the concept of strategic, purpose-focused HR, and it has the capability to “do the tasks” involved in a plan, this will be beneficial for you.

4-Profit-HR, the parent company of the $HRM$ software, does not do "task HR".  It is our intent to setup a nationwide network of HR Consultants whose firms are familiar with the $trategic HR Management $olutions tool and approach, and refer “implementation” business to them when:

Preferred SHRMS HR Services Provider network membership requirements are currently:

Interested or more questions?  Shoot us an email or give us a call at 410-987-1223.

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