(or optimizing ‘Net Assets’ if you’re a not-for-profit firm?)

Many small to mid sized businesses are at a competitive disadvantage because they don’t have the HR expertise and resources that larger companies have to help drive profits.  And worst yet, sometimes the HR function just gets relegated to a lower level ‘paper pusher and compliance police’ job.

It does NOT have to be that way!

Employees are a critical asset and a huge investment for all businesses.

The $trategic HR Management $olutions software is a practical, compelling, yet inexpensive tool that will help maximize return on the wage dollars a company is spending, whether it has a staff of 20 or 2,000.

It is a front-end strategic planning and design tool that clearly illustrates all P&L-to-HR connections and facilitates creation of the custom strategic and tactical portions of a company’s business plan.

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